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Free Online Pokies & Top Slot Providers

Are you looking for the best pokies online on websites accessible to players from Australia and New Zealand? Finding trustworthy sites where you can play free pokies can be challenging. That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you and selected the best free online pokies. We know how fun it is to play pokies whenever you’ve got time to spare. So we’ve made sure you’ll get access to one of the largest selections of pokies gratuits with a huge number of exciting themes and features whenever you want.

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We excel at helping players find old favourites and new pokie games. Through extensive and continual research and testing, we can provide a fully up-to-date list of over 15400 meilleurs jeux de pokie from the best slot providers available to players in Australia and New Zealand. 

Discover our selection of slot games that tick all the boxes when it comes to safety, reliability, and entertainment.

2024 Top Pokies Games in Australia and New Zealand

Where do you start when you want to play free pokies but you’re not set on any specific games? We get you. Sometimes, you crave the thrill of the game rather than a pokie in particular. So, this is why you’ve compiled a list of our favourite pokies at the moment. We’ll continue to work hard to ensure the list keeps updated each time we find a new popular and fun game. 

5 DragonsAristocrate595.70%HautJouer ici
Reine du Nil 2Aristocrate595.60%MoyenJouer ici
CléopâtreIGT595.80%MoyenJouer ici
Porte de l'Olympe 1000Un jeu pragmatique596.50%FaibleJouer ici
Loup d'orUn jeu pragmatique596.01%MoyenJouer ici
Bonbon sucréUn jeu pragmatique596.48%HautJouer ici
Grappes d'aztèquesBGaming697.00%HautJouer ici
Reel Rush NetEnt596.96%MoyenJouer ici
Joker de feuPlay'n Go396.20%HautJouer ici
Train de l'argent 4Relax Gaming696.40%HautJouer ici
Mega Moolah MegawaysGameburger Studio686.93%HautJouer ici
Top Pokies in Australia

Brief Overview for Pokies Newbies

If you’re a returning pokie player with a long experience and a solid understanding of how slot games work, you can jump directly to the in-depth review of the best pokie games. But if you’re still a green player, this section is for you. 
We’re not going to gatekeep information any longer. If you are new to pokie games, you may not be familiar with some of the main terms used to describe pokies and their unique gameplay. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered. 

  • Fournisseur: When you read about providers, these are the companies that design pokies. There are a number of different pokie providers available for players in Australia and New Zealand. You can find out more about them in a later section of our online pokies guide. 
  • Reel: The term pokies reel refers to the horizontal columns holding the icons in an online pokies game. They spin when you select the ‘Spin’ button but will only reveal their outcome or combination when they stop moving. Here’s the challenge as you know: You can’t guess the result in advance. Online pokies have a wide range of designs, but traditional pokies have 3 to 5 reels only. Online pokie developers have an unlimited number of opportunities. They may create pokies with up to 7 reels, with a similar number of horizontal rows/configurations, or that may have dual sets of reels, but they can only be one single pokie game. The bottom line is that if it spins and has symbols on it, no matter how many or how it is shaped, it is a pokie reel!
  • Lignes de paiement: In the world of pokies, “paylines” are predetermined patterns across the reels in which winning combinations can form. When symbols align in a particular pattern on these lines, they pay out according to the game’s paytable. The number of paylines differs between pokie games, from a few available to dozens or even hundreds of possible winning paths. More paylines generally imply more chances to win, but they may also necessitate larger wagers to trigger all the lines. So, you may find that not all free online pokies give you access to a huge number of paylines. However, there are still some happy exceptions around. 
  • RTP: The next essential element in pokies is RTP, standing for Return to Player. RTP indicates the percentage of money wagered on a particular pokie game that players are likely to get back from the game over time. In other words, it shows how much from the total wagers made on a pokie is returned as winnings to players on average. How is it relevant for free pokies? It’s an indication of win potential. For example, if a pokie game has an RTP of 95%, then, over time, players can expect to get back $95 for each $100 wagered on the machine, with $5 remaining to the house. A game’s RTP is crucial to players: It gives them an estimate of the returns to expect from playing a pokie. Furthermore, it must be said that the Return to Player is an average based on a large number of spins, which does not necessarily reflect individual sessions.
  • Volatilité: Volatility also known as “variance” or “risk level”, in the pokies context, it means the level of risk involved with a certain pokie. It indicates how often and how big a win a player can expect if they keep playing the game for an extended period. 
  • Regular payouts: a pokie with a low volatility grants multiple, though small, wins, providing a frequent payout to the player. On the contrary, high volatility pokies offer less conformity in terms of winning, but possibly bigger payouts when one wins. 

The slot’s volatility is critical. It helps you understand your bankroll and preferences so you can make the most of your gaming experience. For example, someone looking to make consistent smaller wins would try low-volatility online pokie games. But if you’re comfortable with high risks, you can try your luck with a game with high volatility online pokies.

5 Top Pokies You Have to Try

5 Dragons

Created by Aristocrat, 5 Dragons is a fascinating pokie game with an oriental theme that plunges players into a deeply engaging experience. The pokie has a traditional 5-reel, 3-row grid that extends up to 234 paylines, which makes it stand out in the sea of similar games. The return-to-player ratio is 95.70%. This guarantees a fair experience while creating an entertaining and thrilling environment. 

The symbols in the game include classic numbers from K to 9 as well as unique icons, such as the aforementioned golden dragons and red envelopes. Players can choose to place bets on 25 or 30 lines, and wager anywhere from 0.04 to 3 credits per spin – the jargon is cryptic for newcomers, but for avid players, the choice becomes a lot more appealing. 

The bonus features include the delightful free spins, which also have a multiplier on them that can amplify your wins. The 5 Dragons bonus, in turn, offers more spins and multiplier actions. In conclusion, 5 Dragons is a truly captivating game that holds the appeal for a wise gambler who knows the rewards. Aristocrat has yet again proven that they know how to create excellent pokies.

Queen of the Nile 2

Aristocrat’s Queen of the Nile 2 is the sequel of one of the most renowned online pokie games that takes players on a mystical adventure into ancient Egypt. The returning players will also find that the game has low volatility, providing frequent access to the bonus round. But the wins do not appear to reach as high. 

The sequel honours the original while boasting upgraded graphics and audio. It offers a well-rounded, immersive experience that guarantees hours of entertainment. The wild symbol is Cleopatra, doubling the prizes. To trigger the free spins bonus round, the player must land three pyramid scatters. Players must choose between free spins and multipliers, with features offering up to 20 free spins and multipliers of up to 10x. 

With its simple gameplay and generous bonuses, Queen of the Nile 2 has undoubtedly earned its status as a classic pokie title.


Cleopatra, produced by IGT, is an iconic classic free pokie game. Its graphics and gameplay still hold up strongly. From stunning visuals to unique gameplay, this game still seems like it was made very recently. 

Cleopatra is an Egyptian-themed game that captures the mystery and adventure of the ancient world well. Its symbols and artwork perfectly sum up Egyptian culture, with the queen herself acting as the wild symbol throughout the game. 

It has a total of 20 paylines, an RTP of 95.02% and a low-medium volatility level to suit more demanding players. Cleopatra doesn’t come with any substantial bonus games but is fully loaded with free spins, wilds, and multipliers for a straightforward gambling experience. When you secure more than three scatter symbols, you earn three scatter cards to gain up to 180 free spins with a 3x multiplier. 

Reel Rush

NetEnt’s Reel Rush is a retro and unusual fruit-themed pokie game that will allow you to have a new view of classic mechanics. 

With a 5×5 layout and up to 3,125 winning ways, playing Reel Rush can be really enjoyable despite the retro feel. Besides, did we mention the several wilds and unique features like respins and free spins? 

 Reel Rush from NetEnt the Best Pokies

Bright graphics and pleasant music will make an additional contribution to the atmosphere. What about the odds? Boasting an RTP of 96.96%, Reel Rush has medium volatility with a mix of regular gains and considerable jackpots. You can also unlock more surprises, such as specific bonuses. This includes the respins activated by winning combos and the expanding grid. 

This difficulty is what makes it most appealing, in reality. Despite appearances, Reel Rush may surprise you. Be prepared: Players can activate up 1,875 winning ways. 

So, if you love a retro-inspired theme and innovative mechanics, Reel Rush is a must-play.

Joker de feu

Fire Joker pokie is Play’n GO’s modern twist on the classic favourite slot machine. The game is played on a 3×3 grid, enhanced by 5 fixed paylines. 

Fire Joker has a medium volatility level, with an RTP of 96.15% players can enjoy well-balanced payouts coupled with the frequent potential for decent wins. A fire joker is the main symbol offering 16x. Then, vibrant fruits give you between 0.4x and 4x the stake per payline. The good news: Most of the wins come from the jackpot of 800 times the initial wager. 

The bonus features are kept simple and include wilds and the wheel of multipliers. The Fire and Ice respins give you a second chance to win. 

All in all, the game is a simple classic pokie game, which covers most of the preferences of almost all types of players.

More Free Pokies Online to Consider

How-to Guides

Free Online Pokies – Game Types


These classic games are the online equivalent of traditional one-armed bandits. Online pokies with 3 reels usually have iconic and easily recognisable symbols like cherries, bars, and lucky sevens. 

They typically have a single payline through the centre, which means players aim to match symbols for various winning combinations. Three-reel pokie games have a simple and straightforward gameplay, ideal for the nostalgic feeling. 


Retro online pokie games with five-reel slots have become the staple of online casinos. So, These games boast five spinning reels, each with vibrant symbols, ranging from fruits to mythical creatures. 

Thankfully, give-reel online pokies come with multiple paylines and bonus features, such as free spins and interactive mini-games. 

Multiple Payline Game

As the name suggests, multiple payline pokies expand betting and winning options by incorporating numerous paylines across the reels. 

Unlike traditional games with a single payline, these games allow players to win on multiple lines simultaneously. They are a great choice for high wins on free online pokies. But if you want to bet money, these are a good starting point.  

It’s no surprise they are among the favourite pokie games online!

Progressive Pokies

These are not free online games, but they can be the next level if you chase after a big jackpot. Progressive slots are truly the most excitement you can get as a pokie player. The jackpot grows incrementally with each bet placed across multiple casinos. As a result, the jackpot can reach staggering amounts. 

Bear in mind, though, that the odds of hitting the jackpot are slim. 

Bonus Pokies

Can we make pokies more exciting? Yes, say welcome to bonus pokie games that have hidden rewards and special features within the gameplay. 

For example, specific symbol combinations or random events can trigger bonus rounds. So, as a player, you get more opportunities to win free spins, multipliers, or even access to separate mini-games. 

If you are in for the unexpected surprises and wins, bonus online pokies are a source of endless entertainment. So, it’s no wonder they are a popular choice for pokie enthusiasts.

Top Pokies Selection 101

Do you want high-payout online pokies? Try the ones with the highest RTP rate. For instance, if it is 97% or higher, then the game is a high payout pokie. High paying pokies will give you more chances to win returns over time. In short, the more you play, the more you can mitigate losses. 

What jackpot style do you prefer or how much volatility can you support? Classic online pokies have fewer pay lines and require less risk, but you lose the chance to win the high jackpot. Not your thing? You can choose high volatility online pokies as they have a higher jackpot. 

But bear in mind that big jackpots go with spending money. Free pokies do not have the same high jackpot potential.

Winning Strategies and Tips for Pokies Beginners

Choose The Right Online Pokie Game 

There’s no surprise here. You want to pick the best pokies for your preferences and playing style. What factors should you consider when selecting your pokie game? 

  • RTP rate
  • Jackpot size & bonus features
  • Theme
  • Game simplicity or complexity

Play Demos First

For novices who want to hone their skills with different pokie games, playing demos is an excellent starting point. Most online pokies have free demo versions. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to explore various titles, understand their mechanics, and develop winning strategies before transitioning to real gameplay. Even if you are not betting money, you still want to know how the game works!

Play the Odds with Smaller Jackpots

We get it, big progressive jackpots are tempting. It’s essential to consider the odds of winning when choosing which pokies to play. Progressive games mean you are not playing free online pokies anymore. 

As a rule of thumb, free online games have smaller jackpots and often offer more frequent payouts, so you get a steady stream of wins and prolonged enjoyment for free. The potential payouts may not be as substantial as those offered by progressive pokies. 

There is no right or wrong when it comes to your favourite jackpot style. But if you focus only on free online pokies, you are more likely to get smaller wins more often. 

Stay Within Budget

This is not something to consider if you only want to play for free. But what if you want to stop playing free pokies and start investing money? One of the most important aspects of safe pokie play is responsible budget management. That’s why you need to set a budget for your session and stick to it. 

This means avoiding chasing losses by exceeding your predetermined budget. This will only put you at risk of losing even bigger. Similarly, you don’t want to be chasing wins even if you are feeling lucky. 

So, if you are feeling ready to leave free online pokies behind and try betting money: Always do it with a budget!

Up-the-Steps Betting

Are you done with playing free online pokies? This is a popular approach for free online pokie players who decide to place bets. This betting system implies betting by boosting your stake after each successful outcome. The good news: It allows you to make big bucks when you’re on a winning streak. In this case, you will not only recoup your cost but even turn the tables. 

Nevertheless, pay attention to the fact that betting should be monitored. It is important to establish boundaries to make sure you don’t squander it all. Similarly, as soon as that happens, remember that you must lower down the stakes.

Progressive Online Pokies

Ultimately, free pokies are only free until you start betting! And this is where you can hear about progressive pokie games. 

Progressive pokies give you a taste for high-risk, high-reward gameplay and the opportunity to chase life-changing jackpots. 

Game Updates and News

What are the top most popular pokies right now?
Is your favourite slot provider preparing a new game for release?

We introduce all the new pokie games and new releases here and review them for you. 

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Interactive Demo Pokies

Still unsure how to find the top pokies for your game style? We’re here to help. We’ve got plenty of Interactive demos available that let experience some of the best pokies from reputable game developers. 

Why We Think You Should Always Play Interactive Demos

These demos serve as virtual playgrounds where pokie players can explore various titles without any commitment, providing a risk-free experience and empowering you to make informed decisions. What difference does it make if you are playing free online pokies? Let us explain. Think of demos as training platforms. 

One of the key benefits of interactive pokie demos is the opportunity to test. You can test and explore the gameplay mechanics and features of different games firsthand. After all, the last thing you want is getting confused when you get to the real thing. That’s where the demo lets you get used to the unique elements of each game, including bonus rounds, special symbols, and payline structures. You can gain a comprehensive understanding of how some of your favourite online pokies operate. Sure, free online pokies don’t cost you anything. But the demo can help you unlock insights to win. 

That’s not all! We also recommend playing demos to anybody who is completely new to the pokie world. This is the best way to sample a diverse array of pokies and figure out your favourite style. Are you drawn to classic 3-reel fruit machines? Do you prefer action-packed video pokie games? Do you like a complex thematic multi-payline game? You won’t know unless you play the demo. 

Think of the demo as an educational tool. 

Mobile Gaming on the Go

des jeux de pokie en ligne gratuits sur un appareil mobile, avec des graphismes éclatants et une jouabilité sans faille

Gratuit pokies mobiles offrent une expérience de jeu sur les appareils en déplacement :

  • Graphiques de haute qualité
  • Grande variété de jeux
  • Accessible en mode lecture instantanée directement à partir du navigateur
  • Pas besoin d'applications dédiées
  • Optimisé pour une utilisation minimale des données

Grâce à la technologie HTML5 et à la stratégie "mobile-first" de fournisseurs comme Elk Studios.

Interactive Demos & Winning Strategies

Online pokies are not just a game of luck. You need the right strategy to give yourself a chance of hitting the jackpot. As each game is different, you will need to build your strategy from scratch every time. So, the demo will help you understand how the game works. It helps you figure out the best approach. Besides, if you decide to play for money, the demo will help you know how much to invest. 

Interactive demos are great strategic trainers. You can use them to fine-tune the play strategies. What does the game RTP mean? What about the volatility? You can start experimenting with the demo to understand the risk and gain potentials better. 

Game Provider Overviews

 les fournisseurs de logiciels révolutionnent les jeux de pokies

Free online pokie platforms don’t develop the games themselves. No, we all choose to work with reputable developers who create high-quality software. Here are the best slot providers in 2024: 


Aristocrate, a prominent Australian game developer, is renowned for its physical pokies. They’ve expanded into online pokies, offering popular titles such as 5 Dragons, Red Baron, Queen of the Nile 2, Big Ben, and Lucky 88.


Bally’s games have been fixtures in top casinos worldwide, including Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Macau. Now available online, players can instantly enjoy top pokies like Quick Hit, Tarzan, Playboy, Moon Goddess, Titanic, and Vegas Hits.


BGaming, founded in 2018, quickly rose to prominence in the iGaming industry. With high-definition pokie games and also table games, and poker, all crafted in HTML5 technology, BGaming offers innovative designs and a rich gaming experience for all. 

It’s good to know that the company is a rebranding of SoftSwiss, founded in 2008. As such, this developer has a strong foothold in the industry, boasting some of the best pokies, such as Dragon’s Crash, Lucky 8, Wild Heart, and God of Wealth Hold and Win. 


Initially focused on physical casinos, IGT has transitioned its popular games to online platforms. Beloved online pokie titles such as Cleopatra, Fortune Gong, Da Vinci Diamonds, Triple Red Hot 7s, Heroes of Rome, and Wolf Run are accessible to online players in Australia and New Zealand.


NetEnt is celebrated for its visually stunning games and captivating themes. Its popular titles like Starburst, Jack and the Beanstalk, Finn and the Swirly Spin, Twin Spin Delux and Gonzo’s Quest regularly feature as free online pokies to attract new players.


Microgaming, a major player in online gambling, boasts the largest game library among developers, with 600 games currently available and a promise of at least 2 new pokie games releases monthly. Their top pokies include Jurassic Park, Hot as Hades, Immortal Romance, Jungle Jim El Dorado, and Thunderstruck II.

Play’n GO

This Swedish slot provider is an award-winning game developer with one of the sought-after online pokies. Some of their top pokie games include Fire Joker, Book of the Dead, Rags to Riches, and Tower Quest. 


With over 300 employees, Playtech is a top contender in online gambling, known for its visually impressive online pokies and engaging gameplay. Popular pokie games include Fruit Mania, Fountain of Youth, Gladiator, Top Gun, and Man of Steel.

Un jeu pragmatique

Pragmatic Play stands as a leading software provider in online gaming, renowned for its diverse array of top-tier games, innovative development approach, and unwavering dedication to player satisfaction. Since 2015, the company has rapidly ascended to prominence, now esteemed worldwide across 80+ countries. Their portfolio includes video poikies but also live casino, and bingo, all crafted to deliver immersive gaming experiences. 

Some of their top pokies include Dwarf & Dragon, Candy Blitz Bombs, Coup de tonnerre 2La déesse de l'or, Combinaison d'étoiles, La niche du chien, and Casino Heist Megaways. 

Best Site for Free Online Pokies with No Download and Instant Access

L'une des meilleures choses à propos des pokies gratuits, c'est qu'ils offrent.. :

  • Accès instantané sans téléchargement ni enregistrement
  • Accès rapide et pratique à une multitude de jeux
  • Pas besoin d'attendre les téléchargements ou de remplir de longs formulaires d'inscription
  • Choisissez votre jeu et commencez à tourner !

Jackpot progressif

Ici, vous pouvez jouer à d'incroyables pokies Jackpot sans argent ni téléchargement.

Exciting moment of winning a progressive jackpot on free online pokies

Questions fréquemment posées

Comment jouer aux pokies en ligne ?

Playing pokies online for free is easy. Visit, Choose your game, Click the spin button, and enjoy watching the reels to see if you’ve won.

Quels sont les avantages des pokies gratuits en ligne ?

Playing free pokies online can provide entertainment without financial risk. This helps players learn game mechanics and offers a range of gaming experiences to enjoy. Try it out and see the advantages for yourself!

Comment fonctionnent les jackpots progressifs dans les pokies gratuits ?

Progressive jackpots in pokies don’t work with free games. They are for real money bets. Free pokies are to practice or to try out the game without spending any money. Happy playing!